What’s cookin’?

Some of the best conversations happen around food, and we know some great learning comes from food and cooking, too. Pull a seat, roll up your sleeves and join us as we cook up the science, history, culture and community of food.

Discover the chemical reactions that change flavor and textures, explore foods that reveal cultural histories, tell your own stories of family recipes and hone your tactile motor skills to make it all possible. The Cr(eat)e Culinary Studio features ovens, ranges and multiple food stations stocked with all the equipment and tools to turn recipes into experiments and microwave misfits into culinary scientists.

Upcoming Programs
Science by the Bite: Homeschool Cooking Club (Ages 7 to 14)

Muffin Mix-up – January 25 (Limited availability remaining)
Member $25
Non-Member $30



Junior Chefs – Parents and children cooking together (Ages 7 to 14)

Please note: these programs require an adult to register for every child participating.

Check back soon for upcoming Junior Chefs classes!

Young Adults (Ages 17 and up)

Check back soon for upcoming Young Adults classes!